Bride’s father raises ‘Abduction’ cry as Dalit MLA MARRIES Brahmin Woman in TN


A temple priest Swaminathan in Tamil Nadu’s Kallakurichi has moved court alleging that local AIADMK MLA A Prabhu abducted his daughter and married her forcibly.

The girl’s father filed a Habeas Corpus writ petition before the Madras High Court. He stated in his petition his daughter was abducted by AIADMK MLA who is 35 years old Dalit MLA. The girl Soundarya is 19 years old only and their marriage was organized by the MLA’s Family on Monday.

But the girl’s family has alleged that she was abducted and forced to marry the MLA. The case is going to be heard by a bench of Madras High Court tomorrow.

The MLA posted a Video and said that there was no coercion or abduction. The rumors that I abducted her or forced her to marry me are not true. We have been in love for the past four months. He added that he approached her family for the marriage but her family refused to give their blessings. He says that they got married with the permission of his parents who were also witnesses to the wedding ceremony.

Soundarya now the wife of MLA said that she had been in love for the past 4-6 months and that she had not been forced for threatened into marrying the legislator. Her family was unhappy over her inter-caste marriage and so they filed a complaint against him.

According to the media reports, the girl’s father also tried to attempt suicide by dousing himself in petrol and threatening self-immolation at the couple’s residence. However, the local police intervened and took him custody. Contrary to the couple’s claims, the girl’s family has alleged that the MLA had been in love with her the past four years (when she was a minor) and lured her into a relationship.
By Umabharathi. M

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