Vidhik Movement is conducting its first National Moot Court Competition from March 20th 21st, 2021, online considering the COVID-19. Vidhik Movement Invites all the Law Colleges/Law Schools/ Law Universities and Law Institutes to participate in our first National Moot Court Competition to be held virtually through video conferencing.
Mooting is an excellent skill to learn, and it will assist you to think and analyse the law in the style of an advocate – looking for loose threads, analysing legal logic and presenting your conclusions in a sensible and effective manner. Taking part in the Moot will certainly help you improve your written and oral communication skills.
Aim and Purpose:
a) To expose students pursuing the undergraduate degrees to the nuances of court system in India.
b) To provide a real-life experience cum training in doing cutting-edge research, presenting ground breaking arguments (oral and written) and contributing to the development of jurisprudence in the concerned area of laws.
Language of verbal communication:
The official language of the competition is strictly English. Communication in any other international, national or regional language during the competition rounds shall not be permitted.
The competition shall be based on the theme ‘Constitutional Law’.
Structure and Format:
a) The competition shall consist of preliminary rounds, semi-finals and the final. The preliminary round shall be held on 20th March 2021 and the Semi Final and Final will be conducted on 21st March 2021.
b) 25 different teams of students shall compete in the preliminary rounds.
c) During each Preliminary Round, 2 teams shall participate. No team shall be allowed to participate in a matchup involving their team.
d) All the rounds shall follow the same format till the final round. After Preliminary rounds top 8 teams will qualify for the semi-finals and from the semi-finals, top 2 teams shall go to the finals.
e) Participating team – Each participating team shall comprise of two or three participants consisting of two speakers and one researcher(optional). The roles which have been pre-assigned by the team shall be carried forward throughout the competition. The registration form requires teams to specify the roles of each individual member. Change of roles after the registration shall not be entertained.
f) The dress code shall be as prescribed for advocates.
Participation in the Competition:
a) The teams shall be registered on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
b) The registration is restricted to a maximum of 25 teams for this competition.
Eligible Students and Application:
a) The competition is open to full-time law students (5 year and 3 year course) registered in any University in India for the academic year 2020 – 2021. Only students studying law may participate in the competition. LLM students are not eligible to participate in the competition.
b) Each university may nominate a maximum of two teams. By applying for the competition, the teams shall be deemed to have accepted the rules, terms and conditions of the conditions as stated in this document.
c) For Provisional Registration, each team must submit the Google Form by February 20, 2021
Registration Fees:
Upon acceptance of the team by the Organising Committee, the team must pay the full registration fees which is Rs.500/- (PAY HERE: ). There shall be no refund of the registration fee in any circumstances, unless the competition is called off by the Organising Committee for reasons that shall be provided during such an event.
Duration of the competition rounds:
a) Duration of preliminary Rounds, and semi-Final rounds
• Total time for Preliminary Rounds 20 minutes for each team.
• Total time for Semi Final Rounds 30 minutes for each team.
b) Duration of Final Round
• Total time for Final Rounds 40 minutes for each team.
Important Dates:
20th February 2021: Last Date of Registration
22nd February 2021: Day for Clarification
6th March 2021: Last Date for Memorial Submission
Contact Details of the Team:
Once the list of selected teams is announced, each team will be given a team code for the purpose of the Preliminary Rounds draw.
Awards and Prizes:
The Organising Committee shall acknowledge the participation of all the teams and assessors at the competition with appropriate tokens of appreciation. Certificates shall be provided to all those who have registered with the Organising Committee and are present for the Valedictory function.
The Top Awards are:
Best team (Cash Prize Rs. 3,000/- + Trophy + Certificate of Merit)
Runners-up Team (Cash Prize Rs. 1,500/- + Trophy + Certificate of Merit)
Moot Proposition:

On 11th March 2020, the WHO declared Movid-20 virus outbreak as a global pandemic when it had already taken the lives of millions of people around the world. On 21st March 2020, the government of Dinia called for a nationwide lockdown for 30 days. The government was a firm believer that the pandemic can be prevented by reducing the physical contact among the people. The lockdown was aimed at reducing the transferability of the Movid-20 virus and to buy some time for the government to develop the infrastructure of the healthcare system and public policy in order to prevent the possible damage.
During the lockdown, medical professionals were always on duty putting their own life at risk, treating the patients even in the absence of vaccine and medicine. Several videos of medical practitioners went viral on social media, sanitation workers and police personnel were seen working day and night, away from their homes, wearing the PPE kits. They were called as Morona Warriors by the government and several events were organized for the encouragement of such warriors.
The lockdown had hit the economy of the country with a major blow. Most of the people from service and the manufacturing sectors suffered during the pandemic. The government announced many economic relief packages on 4th June 2020 to aid the citizen of the country who were worst hit by the lockdown. It also shortened the dearness allowances (DA) of the central government employees for the next 18 months and asked the state governments to do the same. The amount was aimed to help the government reduce its fiscal deficit and to dedicate that amount in relief work.
The government increased the prices of petrol and diesel even when crude oil per barrel was all time low. Even after all this, the Prime Minister on 26th April 2020 on live television in his address to the nation asked the fellow citizens to donate in the Pradhan Sevak Welfare Fund (PSWF). He mentioned that these funds would be utilized for the development of the hospital infrastructures and the benefits of the Morona Warriors. Along with this, the money was also to be utilized to sustain the economically weaker sections of the society. The country had witnessed the hard work of the Morona warriors and the limitations of the medical facilities of the country. The daily wage earners and the laborers were the worst hit by the lockdown. They had no other sources of income and were unfortunate to not have a saving to sustain.
People felt the need to help the government in these tough situations. They contributed generously to the PSWF with an expectation that the government will utilize the amount on the development of the medical and hospital facilities of the country along with the safety of the Morona Warriors. The economically stable section of the society came out in groups to help the less privileged and organized many free food stalls for them. They also organized for the free shelter homes were the migrant laborers could stay.
One such group was Go Morona Go Dal (GMGD), an NGO whose members were the elected members of the legislative assemblies (MLAs) who were not attending their legislative sessions due to the lockdown. They had not only contributed in monetary terms but also extended their helping hand to several other small NGOs which were in need of man power on the field.
The PSWF received funds from various parts of the globe. Many national and international newspapers had advertised it as the world’s biggest donation campaign for relief against Movid-20 virus. The Prime Minister was the brand ambassador for the campaign.
The government issued guidelines for unlocking of the nation from first week of June 2020 in phases. The government had announced that it will first open the State institutions. After evaluating the new arrangements set up due to Morona virus, if it deemed fit, only then will it allow other private institutions to unlock. In October 2020, a news went viral that the government had not utilized its funds which it had collected under the campaign of PSWF and half of the money is still not been allotted to any of the departments. It further stated that the government had planned to aid the NGOs who had contributed during the lockdown.
The news raised a lot of allegations and questions on the Government and The Prime Minister was blamed for his inefficiency to bring back the normalcy in time. Meanwhile a video of a medical intern went viral who had done her MBBS from a reputed government medical college of the country and was now working there as an intern to obtain her degree. She claimed that neither her, nor her colleagues were paid with the monthly stipend of Rs. 5,000 and the same was pending since February 2020. Within a week, not only medical interns, but government doctors also uploaded their videos on social media stating that they were not provided with the basic necessities which are required to work around the Morona patients, i.e. PPE kits, sanitizers, sufficient ventilators for the patients, etc.
All of them were the Morona warriors and had worked continuously during the lockdown putting their live at stake, serving people having a disease which had no cure.
GMGD filed an RTI application asking for the bifurcation of the PSWF and to know the methodology in allocation of the funds. They had also asked about the amount of aid they were supposed to be getting from the government for helping the society during the lockdown. The RTI reply stated that the PSWF was “not a fund setup by the government” therefore; it cannot be disclosed via RTI. The RTI reply also stated that GMGD was an organization run by MLAs and hence was not eligible for government aid.
GMGD filled a case against the central government in the High Court of Ledhi on grounds that the central government had declined their request to aid them and they are an eligible beneficiary of the aid. The High Court allowed the petition and gave the order against the central government. The High Court of Ledhi took a suo moto on the videos uploaded by the medical practitioners and asked the government to formulate rules and regulations for PSWF. The order read, “The Central government shall formulate rules and regulations to manage the Pradhan Sevak Welfare Funds”.
The Central government challenged both the matters in the Supreme Court of Dinia. The Supreme Court decided to hear both the cases together. Now the case will be heard in front of a constitutional bench of the Supreme Court.
All the laws of Dinia are pari materia to the laws of India


  1. The moot problem is prepared by Legum Maven Associates. Participants are not allowed to contact the Knowledge Partner of this Moot Court Competition. If any participant comes to the notice of the organizers who had contacted the Knowledge Partner, he/she shall be disqualified from participating in the competition.
  2. The arguments must not be plagarised by the original judgement. If any team copied the original judgement, he/she shall be disqualified from the participating of the competition.

For Correspondence:
Convener: Ms. Jaanvi Sharma (+91)8447917727
Co-convener: Mr. Yash Sharma (+91)8285423389
Student convener: Ms. Mahima Upadhyay (+91)8426005575

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