A delhi court on Friday directed police officials to conduct fair and impartial investigation in the RED FORT violence case to “unearth the truth” regarding the involvement of DEEP SIDHU , who is accused of instigating violence.

The chief metropolitan magistrate, TIS HAZRI , observed that the police are not just supposed to collect the evidences only to prove the guilt of the accused , but also have to bring true picture before the court.

DEEP SIDHU , through ADVOCATE ABHISHEK GUPTA, had moved an application before the TIS HAZARI court seeking fair and impartial investigation in the matter against him in connection with the violence at RED FORT on REPUBLIC DAY. The application also sought directions to the investigating agency to call, preserve and make part of the investigation record , other material pertaining to the cause.

I never urged to go to the red fort . you have all the videos . whereas there are videos of other people also asking to come at the red fort. They have considered my video but they must also consider videos of others too. I am not the main accused.” Submitted ADVOCATE GUPTA on bwhalf of DEEP SIDHU .

According sidhu , delhi police had termed him as the “main instigator” in the case who had allegedly instigated the mob to not follow thw permitted route leading to breaching of barricades on 26th january.

Refuting the allegations of the delhi police , ADVOCATE GUPTA argued “before I reached there, people had already broken the barricades.i was trying to pacify the crowd and help the police.”

Aggrieved by the said allegations , DEEP SIDHU had demanded a fair and impartial anvestigation in the matter by approaching the magistrate.

“I am subjected to media trial. It has been shown that I am the main accused . your lords have the power to order that a fair and impartial investigation is done . this will ensure the truth to come out .” gupta submitted.

It was argued that the CCTV footage submitted to the investigating agency shows that SIDHU was present at a hotel in MURTHAL till 12pm on 26th jamuary and had reached RED FORT at 2pm .

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