2 police officers suspended after the video of a rape victim in UP’s Gorakhpur goes viral

In CM Yogi Adityanath’s home constituency Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, the police in chief has suspended two cops for alleged dormancy in a gang-rape case related to a minor girl.

DIG Jogendra Kumar has also directed a case to be registered against the suspended police post-in-charge and a constable for bringing the rape victim to the police post without a face cover as the video of the incident has gone viral.

The case is related to an alleged gang-rape that took place on the night of Tuesday. The victim who is a dancer at a local orchestra was returning home from work around 10:30 pm that night. I

She was accompanied by two other female members of the orchestra. They dropped her at a crossing near her house. The girl while describing the incident in the video that has gone viral said that she was walking towards home when two men on a bike approached her, caught hold of her, and gagged her. They then threatened her saying that they would kill her. The girl in the video claimed that those men gang-raped her.

The senior police officials sprung into action after the video went viral. Jogendra Kumar who is investigating this matter said that as soon as he got to know about the incident he and other officials interceded. The matter was soon brought to the notice of the district magistrate. The victim’s statement as recorded and a case of gang-rape has been registered said DIG Jogendra Kumar in a statement on Twitter.

 Jogendra Kumar also said that the chowki in-charge and the constable posted there did not take action in the matter and both of them have been suspended and also a case under the sections ‘Public Servant disobeying direction under Law’ against them has been filed. One person named by the survivor has been taken into custody and the medical examination of the survivor is being conducted.

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