35lac farmers to benefit, scheme to cost rs 1200cr

Mahara Vikas Agdi (MVA) Governance-On Monday, Mentor announced that farmers Interest free crop loan will be given 3 lakhs. Up to 35 lakh farmers are expected Benefit from the scheme which will increase Financial burden on the state exchequer 1,200 crores approximately. State submission Budget, Deputy in the Legislative Assembly Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit pawar said that despite the deficit in 2020-21 growth in industry and service sector, agriculture and allied sectors grew by 11.7 Per cent. The agricultural sector helped to fix the state’s economy, he said.  “It was often to pay interest on crop loans.A problem for farmers. Keeping in mind The purpose of making farmers free of interest-Dane and stop him from de-turning faulter, the government has decided to pro To give zero percent interest loan to farmers Those who take crop loans and repay up to 3 lakh rupees This on time. Interest on crop the loan will be repaid by the government. There- Funds to be provided by the government- ment”Pawar said in his budget speech.He said that interest free crop loan the scheme will start from this Kharif season. Existence of grant of concessions is being converted into interest on crop loans in the interest-free crop scheme, he said. Pawar also announced Rs 2,000 crore- to strengthen agricultural produce Market Committees (APMC). “A.P.M.C. there is a lack of basic facilities for the farmers, who bring their produce for sale. So, it is ineffective to provide these facilities,”he said. In his speech, Pawar highlighted this Prevent farmer suicides, MVA rule- Menta applied the Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Farmers Loan Waiver Scheme.Under the scheme, an amount of Rs 19,929 Crores have been deposited in the accounts of 31.23 lakh farmers. “It also paved the way for Farmers will get new loans in 2019-20, crop 28,604 crore loans were-After debt relief, Rs.42433 cr however the MVA goverment didn’t make any announcement about rs50000 as incentive to farmers who repay their loans on time and a one time settlement option for those having loans above rs200000. “we had promise to give rs50000 to farmers who repays their loans on time and the one time settlement option. We have not moved away from this promise.If the economic situation restores in future the chief minister is of the view  to consider these promises.” Said Pawar.

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