Breaking: BJP MP Tirath Singh Rawat to become new Uttarakhand CM

BJP MP Tirath Singh Rawat is all set to become new chief minister of Uttarakhand, outgoing chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, who stepped down yesterday, announced today. Trivendra Singh Rawat submitted his resignation to Governor Baby Rani Maurya on Tuesday after he met with the BJP leadership in Delhi a day before.

Tirath Singh Rawat will take oath as the Uttarakhand CM at 4 pm today. “I thank prime minister, home minister and party chief who trusted me, a mere party worker who comes from a small village. I’d never imagined that I’d reach here. We’ll make all efforts to meet people’s expectations and take forward work done in last four years,” he told news agency ANI.

Meanwhile, speculation is rife the BJP leadership asked Trivendra Singh Rawat to step down, reportedly over ‘poor performance’. Several BJP members are said to be ‘unhappy’ with his style of functioning.

Rawat spoke to the media after his resignation and thanked the BJP for giving him the ‘golden opportunity’ to serve the state for four years. “The BJP gave me the golden opportunity to serve as CM for four years. I was born in a small village. Only BJP gives so much respect and opportunity to someone who belongs to a simple family from a small village,” he said.

He said the decision to pass on the baton to someone else was unanimous. Rawat also thanked the people of the state for giving him the chance to serve. Rawat’s resignation came amid speculations that the leadership believed that the future of the party’s prospects in the coming elections is not very bright.

Commenting on the developments former CM Harish Rawat said political developments were indicative the BJP would not come back to power. “I can see a change in power happening. Even the BJP’s central leadership has admitted that its present government in the state could not do much. No matter who they bring now they will not come back to power in 2022,” said Rawat.

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