*Ambani House Explosive Scare..

A special court, on Sunday, remanded Mumbai police officer Sachin Waze to the National Investigating Agency’s (NIA) custody till march 25, In connection with his involvement explosives-laden vehicle and threat letter found near Mukesh Ambani’s horse, in Mumbai, on Friday 25,2021.

According to official sources, special public prosecutor, Sunil Gonsalves cited statements of certain witnesses, to demonstrate Waze was part of the conspiracy. He sought Waze’s custody for 14 days as more arrests were likely.

The court also decided a clutch of applications filed by Waze, for access to medicines in custody and home food. While the court allowed his plea for medicines, his application for home food was rejected.

The defense also filed two separate application, the first for a copy of NIA’s remand plea, at it was not provided to them, and second to meet Waze in custody both the application will be argued.


On Fevruary 25, a explosives-laden Scorpio Car was found near Antilia, industrialist Mukesh Ambani’s house on Altamont road in South Mumbai. The car contained 18 gelatine sticks (explosive) and a threat letter inside. The case was begin investigated by Waze and his team at the Crime branch, Mumbai.

                                                                                            Written by Priyanshu kashyap

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