Two-day Bank strike is reflection of ill-placed priorities of Modi govt, says Congress

Randeep sujerwal Monday asserted that government instead of assuring better governance in public sector banks ‘recklessly selling’ such lenders.

New Delhi: The congress on Monday prolonged it’s full support to two-day calm given by bank employee unions and claimed that Modi government is cause for the inconvenience of bank employee’s.

AICC secretary and party’s chief spokesperson Randeep sujerwal, in a statement, said the union forum of bank union (UFBU), an umbrella of 9 bank union, made a call for two-day strike on March 15&16 against privatisation of public sector banks which leads to backwardness of banking reforms.

Sujerwal also said that congress stand in solidarity with 10 lakh bank officials and staff participating in the strike against recklessness of the government in privatisation of public sector banks.

He said even experts like former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan alarmed the move considering it as huge mistake.

Sujerwal said that having high population in rural areas who are engaged in agriculture, public sector banks should ensure easy accessible of banking which is not in the priority list of private lenders.

He said that nationalisation of bank was to bring banking closer to every Indian. PSU banks are not just profit-making board. They played a major role in social reform in the past, he added.

By Shanmugam

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