Odisha truck driver fined ₹1000 for not wearing helmet

Indian streets are filled with interesting incidents and recently one such incident happened in Odisha. A truck driver has been fined Rs. 1,000 for not wearing a helmet while he was driving his truck. You read it right! Police fined a truck driver for not wearing a helmet. 

Truck driver, Pramod Kumar Swain is from the Ganjam district visited the Regional Transport Office (RTO) in order to renew his driving permit. When he asked about the driving permit renewal, Swain got to know that he has been issued a challan for “driving without a helmet”. 

The vehicle was fined for not wearing a helmet and it was due on Pramod’s name. According to the reports, when Pramod tried to have a word about this entire matter with the RTO officials, no one helped him with a satisfactory answer and he was forced to pay a fine of Rs. 1,000 in order to renew his driving permit. 

According to the media reports, Pramod said that he has been working as a water supplier and has been driving a truck for the past three years. He also said that RTO officials were unable to produce a reasonable answer to this situation. He added by saying that such incidents were causing unnecessary harassment of people and were in a direction to collect money from people. 

He said that “The government should take steps to prevent such errors.”

This is not the very first time that such a blunder has happened. Last year, a person driving a car was fined for not wearing a helmet in Uttar Pradesh. The entire scenario came to light when the vehicle owner, Parshant Tiwari from Hamirpur district received an e-challan on his registered mobile number.

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