HC permits Virtual hearing on request made by Parties

On Friday, the High Court of Delhi has permitted virtual hearings/hybrid hearings in cases where a request to that effect is made by the lawyer of parties.

A notification issued by Registrar General Manoj Jain said that “Hon’ble Administrative & General Supervision Committee in its meeting held on Friday has been pleased to resolve that henceforth this court shall permit hybrid/video conference hearing where a request to this effect is made by any of the parties and/or their counsel”.

On Monday, the High Court of Delhi resumed physical hearing nearly a year after it has suspended its functioning on March 23, 2020, followed by the Govt decision to imposed lockdown in wake of containing COVID-19.

However, the HC continues to take up urgent matters through video conferencing & later resumed physical hearing of limited benches.

The physical hearing was also resumed in the district courts of Delhi from Monday.

In a notification issued last month, Delhi HC said: “All the Courts of Joint Registrars (Judicial) shall continue to hold courts as per the existing arrangement up to March 12, 2021, & shall hold regular physical courts, on a daily basis, with effect from March 15, 2121”.

“….The Court may, in exceptional cases, permit any of the parties and/or their Counsel to join the proceedings through video conferencing, subject to availability of requisite infrastructure”, said notification.

The notification had further added that it is expected that the Advocates, litigants, & other visitors to this court strictly adhere to the norms of social distancing & all other COVID-19 protocols, guidelines, directions issued by the Government of India, Government of NCT of Delhi & this Court from time to time.

Earlier, Delhi High Court in an official statement announced that all district courts of Delhi to hold hearings physically on an alternate day basis & continue to take up the matters through ‘video conferencing’ on non-physical days from Jan 18.

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