Supreme Court asked to stop stereotyping women

A judgement by the supreme court prohibiting the judges from  making gender stereotypical comments was came as a voice from apex court.

The judgement, pronounced on March 18, came days after the court ran into a maelstrom of criticism after the chief justice of India (CJI), during a virtual hearing on March 1, reportedly asked am alleged rapist’s lawyer to enquire whether his client would , marry the survivor.

CJI Bobde said that on March 8 he was “completely misquoted” and court had highest respect on womanhood.

After ten days, a bench of khanwilkar and s. ravindra bhat urged court in their judgement not to diminish asexual offence which tends to minimize the survivor.

The judgement reflected that marriage or compromise between victim and accused shall not be made mandate by the court. The judgement was based on appeal against a Madhya Pradesh high court order directing an alleged molester to allow his victim to tie a rakhi on him.

Justice Chandrachud, in a women officer’s case, said that “Women Indian Army Officers have brought proud to the nation. Discriminating them by their gender is an hurdle not only to their dignity but also to the dignity to the Indian Army – Men and Women – who works at same mission”.

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