Percentage of quota should be left to states said Tamilnadu to Supreme court

Tamilnadu government told to bench of Supreme court on Tuesday reservation should be left to the “subjective satisfaction” of the State.

State urged Supreme court bench headed by J Ashok Bushan to let states to determine its socially and educationally backward classes and fix the percentage of reservation for them in the state jobs and educational institutions.

One more southern state, Karnataka also supported the contention of right to specify a particular community as “socially and educationally” backward In order to incorporate them in the reservation category.

Tamilnadu and Karnataka agreed on the contention of Maharashtra which reflects 50% reservation in Indira Sawhney judgement was ‘cast in stone’.

Senior advocate Naphade and Tamilnadu state advocate, Yogesh kanna, contended that judgement of Indira Sawhney must be re looked.

The Maharashtra state reservation for SEBC act of 2018, which hiked from 12% to 13% quota reservation percentage across the 50% mark, was enacted as a wider view.

Since many years state such as Tamilnadu and Maharashtra have crossed the Rubicon and passed Laws for 60% of reservation.

By Shanmugam

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