Parliament proceedings: parliament passes bill for allied, Health care professional Bill

The parliament on March 24 cleared the National commission for allied and health care professional Bill, 2021, which asserted to setup a commission to regulate allied health care sector to enhance training and qualification. The Rajya Sabha passed the bill on March 16.

Union health minister Harsha Vardan said that the mutual cooperation of parties in lok Sabha is aimed at fulfilment of demands lasting since years by health caste sector.

“The paramedic and health care workers are playing vital role in medical profession and they are equal to doctors, their role has to be paid some respect which is ultimate aim of Bill” he said.

Dr. Vardan remembered the role played by paramedics and allied Health care workers, radiographers, dieticians, lab technicians during covid-19 pandemic.

The bill aim to appoint a statutory body which works for welfare of aforesaid workers in medical field. The chairman and vice chairman will be selected for tenure of 2 years and they would be eligible for renomination for two more terms. Commission represents state government, 12 seats will be set aside for them and state level commission can also be setup as mentioned in the Bill.

The policies here are coded by international yardstick and according to international labour code (ILO). Standing committee suggested 110 amendment in which 102 were included.

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