Adani and Myanmar Military $290 million port deal

The Adani Group reportedly has a US $290m commercial deal with a holding company controlled by Myanmar’s armed forces, Who have been accused by UN investigators of committing genocide and crimes against humanity, according to an investigative report by Australia’s ABC News Network. The investigation, based on a report published by human rights lawyers and activists, alleged Adani Ports is developing a container port in collaboration with Myanmar Economic Corporation(MCE), a conglomerate funded by the military junta. In February, the United States imposed economic sanctions on MEC shortly after the military detained elected leaders and seized power in a coup.

Know about the Deal;

Leaked documents in a report by human right s lawyers and activists reveal the scale of Adani’s cooperation with the junta over a proposed container port in Yangon. A joint report by the Australian Centre of International Justice and activist group Justice for Myanmar claimed that, Adani’s subsidiary is paying US $52 million to MEC, a Myanmar military-controlled company.

Documents filed with Myanmar’s corporate regulator show Adani bringing in $141 million “Capital in-cash and $148 million “capital in kind” for the project. Report author and ACIJ human rights lawyer Rawan Arraf said Region Investment Commission. Shortly after the violent February 1 coup perpetrated by senior general Hlaing and his cartel of the Myanmar military.

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