Power and new and renewable energy minister Raj Kumar Singh on Friday launched india’s ambitious scheme of offering LED bulbs in rural areas at Rs 10 per piece, without any government support or subsidy.

Around 1.5 crore LED bulbs will be sold in rural areas at a price of Rs 10 as part of the first phase of the Gram Ujala programme launch on Friday by Convergence Energy Services Ltd , a wholly-owned  subsidiary of Energy Efficiency services Ltd. In the first phase of this programme, high-efficiency 7-watt and 12—watt LED bulbs will be distributed across villages of Aara Bihar, Varanasi UP, Vijaywada AP, Nagpur Maharashtra, and in western Gujarat, the statement added.

Benefits of this programme;

The bulbs will carry a warranty of three years and will be given to rural consumers against the submission of working incandescent bulbs. Consumers can exchange a maximum of five bulbs. Participating rural households will also have metres installed in their houses to account for usage.

Further, carbon credit documentation will be sent to UN-accredited validators for inclusion into the Shine Program. Carbon credits will be prepared under the Shine program with an option for verifying under the Voluntary Carbon Standard, depending on the needs of carbon credit buyers, the statement said.

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