No modification in job quota in firms being privatised: govt

Agreements governing management control from the government to private owners will protect the employees, but enforcing the quota neither desirable nor legally possible.

the government assurance to the private investors that state owned firms which are being privatised will not have any specialised jib quota for privileged section which is expected, but it also adequately protects the existing employees, including those appointed under quota of scheduled caste (SC), scheduled tribes (ST), physically challenged, through the agreement of shareholders.

citing a document of the department of investment and public asset management (DIPAM) one of them said a “trade-off” is possible.

The government claims “government of a welfare state should protect the employees of the firm, in order to protection of employee and run a company in a free manner along the strategic partner trade-off is required.

“The issue regarding reservation also clarified related with BPCL (Bharat petroleum corporation limited)” said by the first person who is advising government on disinvestment matter.

Manishi patak, a labour law expert and founder of legal consultancy firm anhad law said under the constitution, only state has empowered to make provision on employment or promotion.” while central or state government controlled companies\organisation mandated to follow a reservation policy for SC\ST\physically-abled persons, it is not obliged by private sector to follow the same.” Reservation announced by the state in private sector are required to face strong legal challenges.

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