Indonesia crash: Sriwijaya Air plane’s voice recorder recovered

The cockpit voice recorder was found under a metre of mud

Indonesian search teams have retrieved the missing voice recorder from the Sriwijaya Air plane that crashed into the Java Sea in January, killing all 62 people on board.

Officials said it was found under 1m (3.3ft) of mud and that it would take up to a week to retrieve the recording.

The authorities hope that data from the “black box” can give vital clues on the possible cause of the tragedy.

Flight SJ182 had crashed minutes after taking off from Jakarta.

Days after the crash, salvage crews located the recorder which stores the flight data, but could not find sufficient clues as to why the plane dove into the sea.

A preliminary report said there had been problems with the engine thrust, which led the plane into a sharp roll and then a final dive into the sea.

What’s known about the crash?

The Sriwijaya Air passenger plane departed from Jakarta’s main airport at 14:36 local time (07:36 GMT) on 9 January. Flight SJ182 was en route to the city of Pontianak on Borneo island.

Minutes later, at 14:40, the last contact was recorded.

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