Delhi government ambitious Electric Vehicle plan

Delhi’s ambitious plan to switch to electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed,

In august 2020, the Delhi government launched the Delhi Electric Vehicle policy with an aim to drive the transition to Battery Electric Vehicles, so that they contribute to 25 percent of the total new vehicle registrations by 2024. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had then described the policy as a step towards reducing pollution levels in the city. An aspect of this policy is the creation of EV charging infrastructure to support this transition.

Delhi government support shall be provided;

The Delhi government shall provide the electrical infrastructure and ensure the bays are connected to the grid. The government shall foot in around Rs 10 crore to ensure that the electricity network is in place and it is connected to the gird with adequate load, Said Shah

Where shall they come up?

Various authorities were asked to pool land and provide it for the project. “We have more than 200 land parcels from various land owning agencies and shall begin with 100. These areas are well-connected and receive traffic. Both fast and slow chargers for 2-4 wheelers shall be made available,”  The sites were chosen based on the data collection drive carried out by the DTL, which judged its load availability, its presence in other commercial locations, population density, vehicular density, geography, and other.

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