High Court directs EC to take necessary measures to prevent duplicate Voting

On Friday, the High Court of Kerala directed the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Kerala to take necessary measures to prevent duplicate & multiple voting during April 6 Assembly polls in the state.

According to a press release issued by the CEO, the ECI machinery of Kerala has conducted a thorough field verification & come with a list of Absent, Shifted, Dead/Duplicate (ASD) entries in the electoral roll.

In compliance with the HC judgement & in light of the extant instructions, the DEOs & ROs have been directed to take measures such as to provide the lists of ASDs to all the concerned Presiding Officers.

In case a voter identified as ASD visits the polling station to cast vote, Presiding Officer will follow the SoP laid down by the ECI before letting the person vote & thumb impression of such a voter’s will also be taken, irrespective of his signature.

The HC has also directed ECI to obtain a declaration & photo, which will be preserved for future reference.

The above measures will be in addition to allowing all voters to vote only after checking that their indelible ink mark has dried up, the press release said.

Anyone trying to vote in multiple places or impersonate will be prosecuted as per Sec 171D, 171 F of the Indian Penal Code & the punishment can extend up to one year of imprisonment or with a fine or both.

Elections for 140-member Kerala Assembly will be held on April 6. The counting of votes will be held on May 2.

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