AI can bring a immense changes in the way of training and fight wars: IAF chief

The chief of Air staff said his force is adapting artificial intelligence to store data, intelligence fusion, maintenance as well as in its decision support system.

The use of AI can bring colossal changes in fighting of wars and Indian force are trying to apply it in the areas of training and threat warning, air chief Marshal RKS Bhaduaria Said on Monday.

In FICCI seminar on use of AI for air warriors, air chief said that l, this use of AI helps to build a strong future in Indian Air force.

Air chief Marshal RKS Bhaduaria urged industry to develop various military applications on AI.

Air chief, also mentioned that currently AI is not smart enough to complete or execute the whole mission autonomously.

“However, there is a need to address some questions to this effect- whether algorithms can be trained to effectively execute mission planning behaviours in unpredictable scenarios; can machines be taught combat strategies; can sufficiently generalised representations be built to capture the richness of the planning problem itself across the threat matrix,” he said.

“The answer to these questions will help us firm up our requirement specifications that will essentially be a starting document vis-a-vis the expected outcomes. If we tend to utilise AI heavily in combat aviation, we may need to redefine or even abandon certain traditional principles,” he added.

Now the defence ministry is focusing on implementation of AI in three services.

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