1st Online National Client Counselling Competition

Legis Scriptor endeavors to showcase quality academic content across various
fields of Law. We take pride in launching the first edition for the call for blogs to
give an opportunity to the members of all legal fraternity to pen down their views
and analyze different legal issues across the world.
The Client Counseling Competition promotes greater knowledge and interest
among law students in the preventative law and counselling functions of law
practice. It encourages students to develop interviewing, planning, analytical skills
in the lawyer-client relationship & provides an opportunity for a educational and
cultural interchange between students, law teachers, and legal practitioners.
LANGUAGE: English/Hindi
ELIGIBILITY: Students of three year and five-year law degree courses from any
University/ /College/Department are eligible to apply for registration of their team.
TEAM COMPOSITION: Each team shall consist of one individual or maximum
of two persons that qualify the eligibility criteria.
 The registration fee shall be Rs. 499/- for each team.
 The last date for registration is 08:00 p.m. IST, 28 th April, 2021.
 Teams can register by filing up the google form, which is given below.
 Only 30 teams will be allowed to register in the competition.

PayTM no.:8851264387
Google Pay: legisscriptor@okicici
Phone Pay: 8851264387@ybl
OR pay through UPI
UPI ID: 8851264387@paytm
After the payment all participants are required to upload screenshots of the same
on Google form given below while registration.
THEME: The Client Counselling preposition for the 1st National Client
Counselling Competition 2021, organized by Legis Scriptor, is based on Family
Laws, Constitutional Laws, Law of Crimes, Contract Law, Property Law and torts.
Last date of Registration: 08:00 PM IST, 28 th April, 2021
Problem for Preliminary Round will be released on: 29 th April, 2021
Last Date of the submission of Audio/Video for Preliminary Round: 08:00 PM
IST, 30 th April, 2021
Result of Preliminary Round Declares on: 1 st May, 2021
Semi Final Round and Final Round will be on: 2 nd May, 2021
There shall be three rounds of this competition and are as follows:
1) Preliminary Round- Preliminary round will be held through Audio/Video.
Participants are required to make Audio/Video on the given problem.

2) Semi Final- Semi Final will be done on Zoom meeting/WebEx/google meet.
Top 4 teams shall compete against each other in the round.
3) Final Round- Final Round will be done on Zoom meeting/WebEx/google
meet. Top 2 teams shall compete against each other.
 BEST TEAM (1 st Position) – Prize money of Rs. 1, 000/- + Certificate of
Excellence + 50% Discount in Publication in Journal having ISSN No.
 2 nd Position and 3 rd Position- Certificate of Excellence + 50% Discount in
Publication in Journal having ISSN No.
 4 th Position- 10 th Position- Certificate of Merit + 50% Discount is
Publication in BlogSpot.
 *All the participants who registered for this competition will receive
 All the participants will also get 30% off in Moot Mentorship Programme
worth Rs. 900/- per team.
For More Information, Click on the link given below-
Contact us for any query:
E-mail: info.legisscriptor@gmail.com
WhatsApp number: 8851264387 (WHATSAPP ONLY)
Note: if in case of any query, participant can drop a message on whatsapp on the
number given above and they will receive a call from concerned authority in 24
hrs. to resolve their query.

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