Bihar becomes India’s 1st state with two Green Towns

Rajgir and Bodh Gaya are set to become the country’s first fully green energy efficient towns, As Bihar vies with Delhi, Goa and Odisha to supply 24*7 clean power round the year through the first of its kind renewable energy hybrid model.
How it will Receive the Power?
The Solar Energy Corporation of India(SECI), a central government PSU, which will develop the system in Andhra Pradesh, Has agreed in principle to Bihar’s proposal to feed clean power to the two towns. SECI will also supply power to some important government installations in Patna, Including the Raj Bhawan, chief minister’s house, Legislative Assembly, MLA quarters, Patna high court, Gyan Bhawan, Bihar museum and the Vidyut Bhawan. It is now in advance stage of deliberations to grant approval, said an official. To implement this poject, the state government has decided to use the land available in- Lakhisarai and Bhagalpur district to construct solar energy plants.
Bihar has opted for a bundle power plan, using solar energy during the day and gydel power through pump storage facility in evening to meet its full requirement of clean power of Rajgir and Bodh Gaya, Said Sanjeev Hans, Biher’s energy secretary and also the chairman-cum-managing director of the Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited(BSPHCL). The excess solar energy generated during the day will be used to run the turbines to pump and store water in the reservoir upstream and generate hydel pump storage power through it in the evening.

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