Call for papers from Indian forum for public diplomacy (IFPD)

Assessing Geo-politics, Economy and Trade Policy of India in the post COVID-19 World

Guidelines for Research Submissions

Theme – India and International Trade, WTO Studies


• India’s relationship with the WTO
• Appellate Body Crisis and implications to India / Exploring interim solutions for India
• India and its position on Special and Differential Provisions (S&DT)
• India’s new International Trade Policy, Challenges and Perspectives
• India and Regional Trade Agreements (RTA)
• India and Free Trade Agreements (FTA)
• India and role of International Institutional Mechanisms on Trade and Policy.
• India’s trade relations with regional states and groups
o South Asia
o Indo-Pacific
o The Major 6 (US, UK, Russia, Japan, EU, China)
o Latin America
o Central Asia
o Middle East etc.
• Trade Facilitation, E-commerce and India’s priorities
• Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and India’s Priorities
• Trade in Services and India’s priorities
• Trade and Technology – India’s priorities

• Participants are free to choose any other topics that are relevant to the theme but, any subject or theme chosen must concern India and its geo-politics/economics/law or policy.
• Students can also explore India’s pending cases before the WTO and suggest solutions for the same. The arguments must be backed by legal provisions, precedents etc.
• Policy briefs or issue briefs shall not be accepted. All submissions must focus on proposing solutions, ideas or alternatives to existing policies or policies about to be put into practice.
• Selected Authors shall be called upon again to undertake a project / internship and convert their papers into policy drafts under the guidance of our experts. These papers shall be sent as recommendations to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) / Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) / Ministry of Commerce or any other Government bodies. (Undergraduate Students only)

o All the Submissions must be made in English.
o The submission must made be made in Font : Times New Roman
Size 12
Spacing : 1.5
o There is no prescribed form of citations. But all the secondary sources must be citated and must be cited uniformly.
o Citations
Font: Times New Roman Size :10
The submission must be accompanied by a declaration stating that the research represents true and original work of the author, and must not be sent to any other publication. No plagiarism shall be tolerated.
o All contributions submitted to the IFPD must be original, un-plagiarized and unpublished.
o By submitting contributions to IFPD, the Author confirms that the manuscript has not been sent for consideration to any other publication.
o IFPD will have complete rights on the submissions made over the research works and to utilize them in any manner as it deems fit.

o Co-Authorship up to 2 members is allowed.
o The first page of the submission must include the title of the article, Name of the author(s) and designation.
o Word Limit – 1500 – 2000 Words (Excluding citations)
o The paper must include an abstract of 200-250 words.
o The decision of the Board of Editors shall be final. The Board reserves the right to reject or edit any of the papers submitted.

Important Dates:
Last date for submission of papers – 20th April, 2021 Confirmation of Publication of selected authors – 10th May, 2021 Date of publication of the edition – June, 2021
Date of Project / internship – June / July 2021

o All submissions must be emailed to – with the

o Any queries can be addressed to / or Contact

Ms. Shrijitha Das
Managing Director, IFPD
Email –
Phone – +91 7799005599 (What’s app Preferable)

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