Call for Blogs: Legis Sententia by Department of Law,University of Calcutta

About the Organizers
Established in 1909 under the guidance of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee, the Department of Law of the
University of Calcutta is one of the oldest legal institutions in the South Asian subcontinent.
The Journal and Seminar Committee is a student-run academic committee of the Department of Law,
University of Calcutta, committed to regulate, facilitate and promote the spirit of legal research,
academic writing and substantive discourse within the realm of contemporaneous jurisprudence.
About the Blog
Legis Sententia (Legis – law or legislation; Sententia – an opinion) is the online-only undergraduate
blog of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta, overseen and regulated by the Editorial Board
of the Journal and Seminar Committee of the Department.
The blog intends to address the need for law students to remain periodically up-to-date with
contemporaneous facets of law. With the vision of facilitating the submitters, the scope of submission
has now been expanded by allowing co-authorship upto a maximum of 2 authors, lengthening the
word limit and increasing the number of verticals/themes under the blog. The verticals/themes are:-

  1. Public Law;
  2. Commercial law;
  3. Intellectual Property Rights;
  4. Criminal Law;
  5. Labour Law;
  6. Tort Law;
  7. International Law and Diplomacy; and
  8. National Security Law.
    The Journal and Seminar Committee shall operate the blog through Medium, an online blog
    publishing platform and accept submissions on a rolling basis.

The Editorial Board of Legis Sententia shall entertain Legal Articles and Editorials as submissions for
publication within the said Blog from academicians, lawyers, jurists and students alike.
Any and all additional information, including the list of editors and the editorial policy of the
Committee, can be accessed at the Blog Charter attached below.
Submission Registration and Application Details
Submission categories
 Legal Articles (not exceeding 3000 words exclusive of citations)
 Editorials (not exceeding 1500 words exclusive of citations)

Submission specifications
 Font: Times New Roman;
 Body Font Size: 12;
 Citation Font Size: 10;
 File Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx);
 Body Line Spacing: 1.5
 Citation Line Spacing: 1.0;
 Page Margin Spacing: 1″ (Top, Bottom, Left & Right); and
 Citation Format: 20th Edition Harvard Bluebook.
Submission Instructions
All submissions shall be directed to culawjsc[at] (the official email handle of the Journal
and Seminar Committee) bearing the subject – “Submission for Legis Sententia” and attach brief
biographical information about the author. Eg. ‘X is a 5th-year B.A. LL.B (Hons.) student at ABC
Law College’.
The submission mail shall also include the vertical/theme of the submission as well as the category of
the submission made (Legal Article/Editorial).
If the Editorial Board finds any submission made for the purpose of publication within the
Departmental blog mentioned hereinabove, is pending for review/publication or is already published
in some other institution, or that if the concerned author has resubmitted his work anywhere else
before the intimation of the review result from our Editorial Board, such work shall be subjected to
immediate rejection. In the event of any discrepancy, the decision of the Editorial Board shall remain

The submission portal shall be closed after the expiration of the specified deadline of 31 st July, 2021
after which the Editorial Board of Legis Sententia shall not be accepting articles until the issuance of a
fresh Call for Blog.
Contact Details
Disclaimer: Any academic content published in the blog mentioned herein will be for informational
purposes only and shall not be reflective of the views of the Editorial Board of the Journal and
Seminar Committee of the Department of Law, University of Calcutta or any other institution, but
only the views of the author concerned.
Any and all submission queries shall be directed at the Editorial Board, addressed to the Committee’s
email handle at culawjsc[at] of the Journal and Seminar Committee bearing the title
– “Query Re:/Regarding Blog Submissions.”
Important Links
For more information access the Blog Charter
The 20th Harvard Bluebook Citation Style can be accessed
The Legis Sententia Blog can be accessed

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