The second phase of panchayat elections will begin nominations in the capital from Wednesday. The administration has completed preparations for the nomination process. This time the entire process of nomination will be done under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Candidates must follow the Covid-19 protocol. No one will get entry into the enrollment premises without a mask. The candidate will go to the enrollment counter only after checking the infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter. Any kind of procession is completely banned during enrollment.
Separate counters have been made on all the eight blocks for admission of Pradhan, Panch (Gram Panchayat members), and BDC. Whereas the District Panchayat Member (DDC) nomination will be done at the District Panchayat office at Qaiserbagh. All over the counters have been barricaded. For nomination purposes, 15 to 29 counters have been created at the blocks. In Mohanlalganj block, 14 counters of Pradhan and Panch and 12 total of BDC 26, 11-11 in Malihabad, and 17 and 12 total of 29 counters in BKT have been made.
Covid-19 helpdesk has been set up at eight blocks and District Panchayat Office. ANM and ASHA workers have been deployed here. Deputy District Election Officer ADM (FR) Bipin Mishra says that candidates will be screened for nomination through an infrared thermometer and pulse oximeter at the help desk. Only then does anyone get admission to the campus. Those whose temperature is high will not be allowed to enter the campus. Everyone has to get their hands sanitized at the entrance.
Candidates who will be coming for nomination will have to fully follow social distancing. No one will be allowed inside the nomination site without a mask. During the nomination, candidates, proposers, and assistants will all have to wear masks.

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