Call for papers by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Human Rights (CASIHR), Rajiv
Gandhi National university of Law, Punjab invites articles, case
comments and book reviews for Volume 5, Issue 1 of the CASIHR
Journal on Human Rights Practice (CASIHR JHRP).
To provide a platform for more pointed, specialized and diverse
inputs and analyses, the adherence to a rigid thematic issue has been
dispensed with. Therefore, this particular volume is not theme specific
in nature and authors are free to write on any topic relevant to the
field of Human Rights.
The manuscripts received will, after initial screening, go through a
double blind peer review process by relevant academicians and
experts. Final selection will be based on the aforementioned process.

Authors are free to write on any subject of their choice provided it
remains within the ambit of Human Rights and adds to contemporary
discourse regarding the same.
7 th June 2021, by 11:59 PM.
Submissions can be made under the following heads:

  1. Long Articles – Word limit of 6000 words.
  2. Short Articles – Word Limit of 4000 to 4500 words.
  3. Case Comments – Word Limit of 1500 to 2000 words.
  4. Book Reviews – Word limit of 2000 to 2500 words.
    The word limit is exclusive of footnotes.
    Our forum is an egalitarian space and submissions are welcome from
    human right researchers, academicians, practitioners, members of
    civil society organizations and policymakers.
    All the contributors must adhere to the following guidelines:
  5. All Submissions must be accompanied by an abstract not
    exceeding 300 words.
  6. The body of the document must be in Times New Roman with a
    font size of 12 and Line Spacing of 1.5.
  7. All the footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10
    and with single line spacing.


  1. The citations must conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System
    of Citation (20 th Edition.)
  2. Co-authorship is permissible up to a maximum of two authors.
  3. All submissions are required to be mailed in .doc/.docx format
    Submissions which do not adhere to the guidelines provided shall not
    be considered for review. Submissions which meet all the
    requirements would go through a peer review process conducted by
    academicians, professionals and other experts in the field of Human
    Rights and only the recommended works would be published.
    All the submissions must be mailed only to with a
    cover letter specifying the following:
  4. Name of Author(s)
  5. Designation
  6. Name and Address of Institution
  7. Contact Details– Address and Mobile No.

The submission must be an original unpublished work. Submissions should not
be simultaneously considered by any other publication.
Upon submission, the manuscript shall be the property of Rajiv Gandhi National
University of Law, Punjab.
The author shall be presumed to have obtained necessary permissions from
cited authors in case a cited work is unpublished.
The decision of the Editorial Board regarding the acceptance/rejection of a
submission shall be final. The Board shall not be bound to disclose the reasons
for such rejection.
The Editorial Board shall endeavour to inform authors of the status of their
submission as it goes through each stage of review. Submissions are liable to be
rejected at any stage of review.
After review, manuscripts may be returned to authors suggesting changes to
content, style or structure. Publication of the submission may be made
contingent upon incorporating such suggestions.
The Editorial Board shall not be responsible for any material that is libellous or
The Editorial Board may review the accuracy of citations. However the final
responsibility for accuracy of facts, quotations and citations in the submission
rests with the author. The author may be asked to present copies of the materials
cited in the paper.



(Assistant Professor)
Contact No: 9855077842

(Assistant Professor)
Contact No: 9417922918

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