HDFC Bank Ltd. Reported constant growth in profit as other income rose and bad loans remained check.

The lender reported a net profit of RS 8,186 crore for March quarter, which raised by 18.17% from the last year. The net profit was 6,927.7 crore last year at the same period. Net interest income rose by 12.6% from a year ago to RS 17,120cr, the country’s largest private sector lender said in a statement on the exchanges. Other income rose 2.6% over a year ago to RS 7,594cr.

The bank’s net interest stood at 4.2% during the end of the financial year. HDFC Bank said that it has not declared any dividend for the last financial year which ended on March 31, as per guidelines given by RBI. The central bank asked banks to differ any dividend payments to reserve capital.

HDFC’s total advance by 11.32 lakh from 14% of last year. Deposit grew to 13.35 lakh crore from 16.3%. The savings accounts deposit rose 27% from year to year, with CASA ratio at 46.1% on March 31. Term deposit raised to 7.19 lakh crore from 8.5% last year.

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