Delhi High Court, subordinate Courts to continue virtual hearing in urgent matters till May 15

In view of “alarming rise” in COVID-19 cases in the national capital, which saw over 26,000 fresh infections in the last 24 hours, the Delhi High Court on Friday said the existing system of hearings via video conferencing will continue till May 15. Similar directions were issued by the high court for the District Courts which have been ordered to conduct virtual hearings only till May 15.

The High Court shall continue to take up only extremely urgent matters filed in the year 2021, through video conferencing mode.

All judicial officers are also directed to take up only urgent matter.

Other pending cases are adjourned en bloc.

Notices to this effect were published by the High Court today.

 The high court had commenced complete physical functioning from March 15 onwards. Subsequently, it had said that virtual or hybrid proceedings would be held on the request of lawyers.

After nearly a year, the High Court had resumed complete physical functioning from March 15, making virtual hearings an exception and not the norm.

However, a week into the physical hearings, it once again permitted virtual hearings/hybrid hearings in cases before it.

Earlier this month, the High Court and subordinate Courts once again began hearing cases though completely virtual mode.

Subsequently, from September last year, a few benches started holding physical courts every day on a rotation basis. Some of them also started holding hybrid proceedings, wherein lawyers have the option to attend the hearing via video conference instead of appearing in person.

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