Union told to IBA – to shorten bank working hours

A request has been sended by the bank unions to the industry body IBA that to impose certain restrictions in banking service and to reduce working hours  and public dealing time to around 3 hours per day till the situation improves, so that it will protect the bank employees from the Coronavirus infection.

United forum of bank unions to Indian bank association said that we are deeply heard of the news about the infections, hospitalization and deaths of bank employees of everyday. The unions demanded for improvement of certain demands that is realignment of banking hours for 3-4 hrs a day, identifying few branches of each bank in each locality so as to enable bank employees to work on rotation.

                 By the practice of these following measures may reduce the exposure which were facing by the bank employees and helps to break the chain of infections to great extent.

Last week UFBU had made a similar request in a letter addressed to Department of Financial Services Secretary Debasish Panda.

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