Calling for members at SmallTalk India

About the organisation
SmallTalk India is an initiative started by ambitious law students, with the aim of starting
conversations on necessary issues at hand, through interviews, posts, and videos.

Who can apply?
Any Indian College student who finds himself eligible can apply for the same.
Note: One student can apply for one position.

Interviewer and Video Presenter
 Eligibility: Effective communication and research skills, along with being
observant, can effectively interact in English and Hindi, and having the confidence
to speak in front of a camera and record videos.

 Responsibilities: Making videos for our Aasaan Bhaasha Segment, conducting
interviews of various personalities, proper researching on personalities before
interviewing them with a proper plan, conduction of group discussions.

Video editors

 Eligibility: Good knowledge of video editing and at least one video editing software.
Prior experience will be appreciated.

 Responsibility: Timely editing of Aasaan Bhaasha and interview videos.

Graphic Designers
 Eligibility: Digital designing skills, like making posters and infographics, or short
videos etc.
 Responsibilities: Making posters and videos on various issues and occasions.

Public Relations & Media
 Eligibility: Know how to use social media accounts efficiently and prior experience in
social media marketing on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
 Responsibility: Handling the social media accounts and pages, promoting and
marketing our activities on social media platforms.

Content Writing
 Eligibility: Good written communication skills in English. Good written
communication skills in Hindi will be plus point.
 Responsibility: Drafting weekly content for various issues and occasions.


6 months or beyond.
Note: The first month will be a trial month after which the member can leave if he/she
doesn’t want to continue, or if the organization doesn’t find the member suitable then his/her
membership can be discontinued.

A certificate of appreciation of being a part of this organisation for the term.


How to apply
 The application can be sent on with CV and proof of
prior experience (if any) on or before 11:59 PM, 18 th May, 2021.
 Selection of members will be done through telephonic/video call interview.
 You can also apply through the following google form link:

For any queries, you can contact the coordinator at, and we try
to respond to it quickly.

Social Media
Instagram :
LinkedIn :
YouTube :

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