Organisers accounce COVID-19 countermeasures for Tokyo olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the Tokyo Orgsing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Government of Japan on Wednesday agreed on measures to ensure the safe orgsation of the Games.

The five parties will continue to deploy all possible COVID-19 countermeasures and place the highest priority on safety for the sake of all participants, including the athletes, and the Japanese public who will be playing host to the Games.

According to the latest countermeasures, athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympics are “required to take two COVID-19 tests before their flight to Japan”.

Athletes will be tested daily for three days after arriving in Japan and after that too they will be tested regularly.

“In principle, athletes and all those in close proximity with athletes will be tested daily to minimise the risk of undetected positive cases that could transmit the virus. The dates and times will be set in line with the sports events and schedule,” read a joint statement released by the five parties involved with the Olympics.

“All other Games participants will be tested daily for three days after their arrival. After the first three days and throughout their stay, they will be tested regularly, based on the operational nature of their role and level of contact with athletes.

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