Oxygen Shortage: Does PM Cares?

10000cr for PM cares fund still no oxygen to breathe, no beds, no ventilators, no stock of Medicines. Does my PM really cares for me or for us or for people of India but for sure he really cares for his political rellies.
The second wave of covid-19 has exposed every loose threads of country’s health infrastructure. The bomb of second wave had been blasted which lead state like Delhi, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra with shortage of oxygen. due to which state need to tie-up with foreign countries to supply oxygen this is PMs Aatma Nirbhar Bharat?

Many people died with coronavirus while they wait. Hospitals are struggling to accommodate breathless patients. More than 20 patients died last week after oxygen supplies ran out at new Delhi hospital, 5 died in Hisar hospital in Haryana due to lack of oxygen, 6 patients died Amritsar with same due to lack of oxygen. Shortage of oxygen have fuelled accusations on Narendra Modi’s government.
The total production of oxygen per day in India is 7100metric tonnes, whereas medical oxygen consumption in country during this secong wave is 5000 metric tonnes, I.E 71 percent of daily production. As per the health ministry “India has enough medical oxygen available, the challenge is to transport it to hospitals”, As most of the plants are located in eastern industrial states — far from urban hubs such as Delhi or Mumbai. It is the same old school stories. The centre need to arrange it from “heaven and earth”, because the rope is in the neck of general public.
Modi government was granted to setup 162 PSA oxygen plants out which only 59 plants are ready. 8 plants are to be setup in Delhi out of which only 1 plant is installed. Now ministry of health and family welfare need to reply. The Oxygen suppliers are taking advantage of this crisis to make money by black marketing and doubling oxygen price.
There is the feeling of helplessness among the public as every minute, every second there is the need of oxygen, bed or ventilator. The condition is going worst day by day. The central and state government need to take urgent actions, otherwise we need to pay heavy price for it.

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