Tonnes of Dead Fishes Wash Up

Tonnes of dead fishes washed up on the bank of lake at Litani river in Lebanon. Engulfing a nearby village in bad smell in a disaster blamed on polluted waters. Then volunteers collected rotting fish carcasses near the Qaraoun lake on Lebanon’s longest river, Litani, where activists have warned for years of water pollution caused by sewage and waste. The Piles of garbage’s are drifted in the lake near the dead fish. Swarms of flies spread near the reservoir and thousands of fish were decomposing in already dirty waters.
This phenomenon appeared on the shore of the lake several days ago. The fish started floating up and in abnormal quantities of fishes unacceptable. At least 40 tonnes of fishes are died in a few days’ numbers described as unprecedented. They called on the Litani river authority to find the cause and go after anyone dumping wastewater into the lake. Then the river authority said this week fish were toxic and carried a virus, urging people to avoid fishing all along the Litani due to an aggravated disaster that threatens public health. Ecological disaster is the last thing Lebanon needs as it suffers through an alarming financial collapse and the aftermath of a huge explosion that devastated Beirut port last August.

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