3rd national quiz competition by Valorem law

About the organisation:
Valorem law is an emerging legal platform for all the members of legal fraternity across India. This
platform aims to provide opportunities and relevant legal insights to all the law students as well as
students of other graduate programs who as fond of writing legal and non-legal articles.
What sets apart from other is our hundred per cent original content and endorsement for each author in
the form of certification by our legal and educational advisors.

About the Competition:
We are organising our 3rd national quiz, relating to criminal laws.

•The Quiz shall contain moderate level questions.
• Questions will be related to CrPC, IPC and Criminal Minor Acts
•Total number of questions to be 30 which are to be attempted in 15min.
•Quiz shall start at 5PM the google form link would automatically closed at 5.20PM ( 5min given to fill in
the particulars)

Who can participate?
Open for all law students.(Students from semesters are invited)

How to participate?
Fill in the registeration form.


No registration fees.

Top 3 winners will get a chance to intern with us.
The Date of the competition is 16th May, 2021.

For more information:

Mail us at: valoremlawofficial@gmail.com
Visit us at: https://valoremlawofficial.wixsite.com/valoremlaw

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