SBI assigns 71crore to comeback the situation of the present conflict which is the second wave of Covid-19

State Bank of India has allotted about 71 crore for the support of Government and to help the country to overcome the pandemic which is the second wave of Covid -19 . The Bank has also decided to separate the amount which was allotted as per the facilities required which makes easier to use the money, provided by Banks. It has decided ₹30 crore to set up 1000 bed makeshift hospitals, 250 bed ICU Facilities and 1000 bed isolation facilities to the worst hit states. This will be provided to the government hospitals and Municipal Corporation of the respective cities.
The Bank will also contribute ₹10 crore for sequencing equipment and vaccine, research equipment to the Government. The chairman of SBI, Dinesh Khara said that “we are trying our best to make a small contribution to the society in the fight against the second wave . We are decided to provide certain requirements to contribute Funds and some of the resources, these requirements should want to reach out to the citizens of India.
And SBI also allocated 21 crore to all it’s 17 local Head Offices to address the urgent medical needs of citizens which also provides including of life saving healthcare equipment and oxygen supply to the hospitals.

The Banks will also ready to spend ₹10 crore in partnering with NGOs. Banks has also converted 60 of it’s training centres across the country to Quarantine centres.

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