Third wave of coronavirus is inevitable, says India’s Scientific Advisor

A new strain of the coronavirus occurred, which carries higher transmissibility. Experts have said that there is an evidence it is being more lethal , which is very harmful than the original infection. On Wednesday, India’s Principal Scientific Advisory said to strengthen and upgrade the vaccine against the new strain of coronavirus and also ask the people to maintain the mask discipline and physical distancing norms. A phase three of Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable which results heavy risks. He also added that it is not clear that on what time scale this third wave will occur, but incrementally we should have to be prepared for new wave which causes much danger to the people.

                   There is no possibility of stopping this virus, but it is possible to stop the spreading of this virus without affecting to the people through the safe practices and vaccination. Masks and distancing are critical and most effective.

Vaccines are effective against the current variants and new variants will arise all over the world. Most recent research suggested that once it is infected, immunity can last for a long time.

At the same time, rapidly scaling up vaccination and other measures to minimise the spread must go hand and hand. We have to follow Covid appropriate behaviour and get vaccinated. There was a need to update the Covid vaccines to deal with the new strains and mutation

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