Agriculture to our Rescue?

Summers are always shiny and bright for all of us. But, currently the data is inverse of what was expected out from the summer of 2021, the surge in Covid-19 cases has taken the pace. But, amidst the news of high number of cases, deflating oxygen of India, Black-marketing of Remdisivir, Corruption in manifold levels of all institutions, etc. There comes a good news for the economy on ventilator, and like the developing eras of newly formed India, Green Revolution gave a great hike to the Economy. Again, it’s so that – the agriculture is growing steadily during Covid-19 pandemic. The focus is on increasing pulses and oilseeds production and we are on the right path. This was said by a senior agriculture ministry official.
The area under cultivation of summer crops has gone up by 21.58% from last year to 80.02 lakh hectares. The rise is primarily due to sharp increase in pulses area, which has gone up by almost 70% from last year, raising hopes of a good harvest and extra income for farmers.
A very good news coming from MET department, which says monsoon is most likely to hit Kerala, on its time, i.e., 1st June. The main crop rice has also witnessed a rise in area by 15.52%.
Senior agriculture ministry official also said – “This year the production of rice is likely to go up as the area has gone up from 34.13 lakh hectares to 39.43 lakh hectares this year. The area under coarse cereals grew to 12.11 lakh hectares as against last year’s coverage of 11.62 lakh hectares during this time,”
Summer sowing is almost been completed and this even provides extra income as well as the employment opportunities. Which certainly is very important. Our hope rises when we hear another good news that is – the reservoir in major 130 key sites is 19% more as compared to the last ten years.
“During Covid-19 crisis, possibilities of a monsoon has come to us as a silver lining. All states should prepare plans to make the best use of favourable conditions,” he said. We must prepare for the best, as in the hard times, it just takes one right step to follow to undo or re-create all the wrong steps. It will definitely take time to heal the wounds on our Economy, and this opportunity can be one of the most natural way towards betterment.

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