SC orders, Centre has to supply 700 MT oxygen to Delhi on daily basis till it’s further order

Supreme Court directed the centre to supply 700 metric tonnes of oxygen to Delhi on regular and continuous basis until it provides further order, as the hospitals in the capital have been facing a lot of inevitable cases of coronavirus.
A bench of Justice DY Chandra chand have declared its decision that the Delhi Government is supposed to provide medical oxygen to the hospitals and he warned that, if it is not been done it will declare a further order against the officials . According to the Bar and Bench, “We want 700 metric tonnes of oxygen to be supplied to Delhi on daily basis and we mean business. It has to be supplied and we don’t want to be coercive. Our order will take time to be uploaded by 3 pm. But you proceed and arrange the oxygen”.
This is the third day, on which the people are still suffering on shortage of medical oxygen supply. It is a challenge to India’s fight against the second wave of corona virus.

The court pulled the centre, the Delhi government that it should provide 700 metric tonnes until, the further decision has declared. It highlighted that “Don’t force us to take coercive steps”.

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