Israel Gaza Death Mount

In Gaza deaths continue to mount, with the at least 83 peoples are now killed in Gaza and seven in Israel. Israel is now mulling a possible ground operation in Gaza. In Israel an apartment block was destroyed in the city pf Petah Tikava, shortly after residents had gone to their bomb shelter. “We heard an alarm and suddenly there was band. Smoke entered the shelter and the neighbour next to me who was sitting on a chair flew back” the one people said. The peoples said the situation is worse and worse a lot of deaths of people a lot of wounded children, old women and old men.
We cannot sleep at home; we are not feeling safe. Air Strikes all over Gaza. There are not any places safe”. Gaza authorities say many civilians have dies, including 17 children. Israel says dozens of those killed in Gaza were militants, and that some of the deaths are from misfired rockets from Gaza. The many of peoples are affected by war. Many of children’s and old agers are still now survive without food. This condition was very worst for Gaza peoples.

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