China’s Rover Lands on Mars

China has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars, state media announced early on Saturday. The six wheeled Zhurong robot was target the Utopia Planitia, the vast terrain in the planet northern hemisphere. The robot officially landed shortly after 07.00 on Saturday, Beijing time according to stat media. It took 17 minutes to unfold its solar panels and send a signal back to Earth. Zhurong which means God of Firs, it carries to mars on the Tianwen 1 orbiter, which arrived above the planet in February.
The aim with all such ventures is to pick a spot that is devoid of imposing craters and where the landscape isn’t covered in large boulders. Chinese engineers would have had to follow the landing effort with a time lag. From the Chinese perspective, space benefits Chinese diplomacy, Chinese technology; it’s a great advertisement; it reinforces the legitimacy of the Chinese communist Party to its own people.
The space always has military implications, and conversely by going to mars, it demonstrates that china can contribute to what they term the global pool of human knowledge. American put down its latest rover, Perseverance in February. Europe, which has twice failed with landing attempts, will send a rover to Mars next year.

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