Marketing internship opportunity with Jus Corpus


ISSN (O): 2582-7820

Indexing at 20+ places (including HeinOnline & J-Gate)

Jus Corpus is a double-blind peer-reviewed E-Journal that provides a platform to students, academicians, scholars, professors & professionals in the fields of law and management to publish their Articles, Blogs, Case Comments, Research Papers, etc. in the different volumes and Blog section.
Jus Corpus aims to bring various aspects and chains of Law under a single umbrella and provide services to the Law students. The inspiration was derived from the ever-growing need of the Law Students. We offer Online Internship opportunities to Law Students as Law Researchers, Case Analysts, Content Writers, Campus Ambassadors, and Editors, etc.


  1. Helps in promoting our social media platforms reach.
  2. Helps in promoting our events, call for papers, etc.
    STIPEND: (200-1000) as per your work.
  3. Guaranteed Cash Rewards.
  4. 30% Discount on Manuscript Reviewing Fees in Jus Corpus Law Journal.
  5. Opportunity to host Webinars & Sessions.
  6. The eligible candidates will receive the Certificate of Completion.
  7. The Incentives will be provided according to their work & performance.
  8. The best performer of the event will be awarded with Exciting rewards.
  9. Those who will work exceptionally well will be qualified for getting the Letter of Recommendation.
  10. Opportunity to publish your Blogs and Research Paper in our Journal.
  11. Opportunity to get early access to our Internship Program.
  12. Special Discounts to all the candidates in our Events.
    (No CV required)
    Interested in Applying, Fill the google Form below:
    Deadline: May 30, 2021
    For any query feel free to contact us on:

Mob: 7755888976

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