What is Black fungus? What are the symptoms of Black fungus? Use of steroids lead to Black fungus?

Black fungus is a growth of fungal material caused by a bug. It’s so rare that indiscriminate, untimely, and excessive use in patients causes it. When doctors with good knowledge give steroids, they give it for a short period, and they wean and taper it off. Because steroids have a feel-good factor, patients often continue them. The black fungus will breed in poorly diabetic controlled patients.

If you have been in hospitals for more than two-three weeks and have a lot of antibiotics and steroids, and if you have diabetes and if you have used oxygen for long periods maybe the oxygen has not been hygienically delivered to you if you start getting unnatural headaches and sinus pain, forehead pains, visual disturbances, that’s when you should go to the doctor and ask him whether you have something growing in the sinus, in the orbital area. But that doesn’t mean that every headache after Covid is a black fungus. It’s pretty rare. We’re seeing them in single-digit percentages and that too under five. Quite often, the fungus is in mind and not in the body.

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