States can procure 2 crore jabs for 18+ in may: Centre

India’s coronavirus vaccination drive follows two tracks: the Union government offers free doses meant for those 45 years of age and above, then there is the acquisition by state governments and private hospitals to give doses for any group they choose to cater to. The Union government has made it mandatory for vaccine makers in India- at present, the two shots being used widely are both made in India- to keep 50% of their doses for the central supply,, while the remaining will be evenly split between private procurers and state governments .

State governments across India will altogether be given 20 million doses to inoculate their 18-44 age group population from the roughly 85 million vaccines doses expected to be produced this month, according to a formula shared by the Union government with the Supreme Court in which the Centre said it has fixed quotas even for doses that states need to directly procure form vaccine makers.

It is submitted that though the states are procuring vaccines from the manufacturers, the central government has, in consultation with the vaccine manufacturers, determined the pro-rata population of each state in the age group of 18-44 and each state will procure only the quantity so that there is no disparity in availability of vaccines between the states inter-se, either based upon difference in their bargaining power or otherwise, said the centre’s response to the Supreme Court filed over the weekend.

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