“Aa jayega”, “aata hoga”: Advocates write to Allahabad High Court highlighting issues about clueless help desk, e-filing, listing of cases

About 50 advocates practicing before the Allahabad High Court have written to acting Chief Justice, Sanjay Yadav and other senior judges of the court highlighting issues regarding e-filing and listing of cases which have been filed through the electronic mode.
The lawyers also raised serious grievances against the help desk set up to aid the lawyers in e-filing and virtual hearing.
The representation signed by 52 lawyers alleged that the people at the help desk are clueless about status of cases and give vague responses when they are called for assistance.
“The persons sitting at the Help Desk (14600) are completely clueless as to the status of the cases, and totally unavailing and nugatory when it comes to providing any real ‘Help’ or information – parroting fruitless responses, such as “Aa jayega,” “Aata hoga,” “Intizar kar lijeye,” etc., when asked about the status of any filing or urgent mention,” the representation said.
It also highlighted how despite the COVID-19 pandemic being at its peak, the current system of filing before the Allahabad High Court, requires files of cases “to be physically printed first and prepared physically by serving the hard copies of the same on the State or government/ local Bodies.”
“Owing to the same, the advocates have to run hither and thither, from pillar to post and travel long distances to find shops that would provide the said services – daring the virus all throughout,” it was stated.
Even the rare shops that are found to be open, squeeze exorbitant and unfair amounts from the advocates who are already financially devastated since last year, with no help from any quarter, for printing of pages and the photocopies, it added.
Regarding the listing of cases, it was claimed that even urgent matters like Habeas Corpus, bail and stay of arrest cases are not being taken up, or if they are, then are withheld owing to minor and inconsequential defects.
“Further, to the utter dismay of the Advocates, the files after being filed do not get reported for weeks on end, even for extremely urgent cases, such as Habeas Corpus, Bail, Arrest Stay, etc., and in case they are, the files are withheld owing to minor and inconsequential defects as notified by the Registry, thus, putting the litigants through immense hysteria and torment, which goes on to deal a crowning blow to the mental health and stability and the professional practice of the Advocates,” the representation said.
The lawyers also requested the Court to consider the issues raised in this representation on an urgent basis or to treat the same as a PIL/letter petition and register a suo moto petition for taking necessary actions.

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