Tata consultancy service (tcs) ltd. is entering in fy22

Tata Consultancy Service Limited is an Indian Multi-national information technology services and consulting company, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India and largest campus and workforce in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. TCS is second largest Indian company by Market Capitalization.

TCS is growing and have got good growth momentum for FY22, and have strong future on the ongoing year. TCS’s order book in FY21 in every quarter was higher than the last fiscal year. It closed the March quarter with an all time high value of total contract value (TCV) at $9.2 billion approximately. It represented a growth of 17.1%, for it’s full year coverage, where it’s full year order book stood at highest ever capital of $31.6 billion.

“In the medium and longer term, we see strong structural growth drivers triggered by the multi-year technology refresh cycle that our customers are embarking on, and their increased focus on growth and transformation (G&T) initiatives,” Gopinathan said. “The G&T opportunity is very large, and yet to be fully scoped.” As we all know the entire world amidst Covid days went online, this paved a way for TCS to shine like a hero in the market, as several institutions channelised their investments in this. “As more and more enterprises get on to this journey, the cloud will become the seamless technology fabric that will bring together enterprises from across industries to form collaborative ecosystems which co-innovate around their individual products and services,” Gopinathan said.

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