The Childrens Protest in Australia

Thousands of Australian school children are walking out of school to attend protests, calling for action on climate change. Up to 50,000 students are expected at School Strike for climate rallies across the country. It is the latest grassroots campaign by young people pushing for action on the climate crisis. Australia has long faced criticism for refusing to set more ambitious emission targets. David Soriano a 17-year-old child attending a Sydney rally told he was worried about the future and wants the government to see the youth movement as one to be reckoned with. The protesters are also calling for no new coal, oil and gas projects in Australia, including the controversial Adani mine.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has faced sustained criticism over climate policy and international pressure to step up efforts to cut emissions. At a global climate summit last month, Mr Morrison resisted calls to set more ambitious carbon emission targets while other major nations vowed deeper reductions. Australia is one of the world’s biggest carbon emitters on a per capita basis. It gives a many pollutions to our earth. The announcement of the new plant came as a report from the International Energy Agency recommended that no new oil and natural gas fields are required beyond those that have already been approved for development, on order to reach net zero emissions by 2050. We hope and we will wait and see our future changes.

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