China’s Rover Takes First Drive on Mars

Chinas remote controlled rover, which landed on mars a week ago, has driven down from its landing capsule to the surface of the planet. This makes china second country after the US to operate a rover there. The Zhurong rover is due to study the planet surface soil and atmosphere. It will also look for signs of life, including any subsurface water or ice. The deputy chief commander of this mission, said the rover was designed to operate for 92 Earth days and would share its data via the orbiter.
The china hope they can get a comprehensive covering of Martian topography, landform and environment, and the exploratory data of the radar detecting the Martian subsurface during one Martian year. The solar powered 240 kg six wheeled robot named after a Chinese mythical fire god will explore Utopia Plantain, a vast terrain in the planets northern hemisphere. The remote sensing by satellite indicates there are significant stories of ice at depth. The Europe space agency which has twice failed with landing attempts, will send a rover called Rosalind Franklin to Mars next year in a joint project with Russia.

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