Team India must come together to fight COVID-19: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday said Team India has to come together to fight coronavirus and urged the Centre to procure vaccines and distribute them to states. In an online briefing, Kejriwal claimed India delayed starting its vaccination programme by six months. “World over, countries had started vaccinating their people. But in India, rather than vaccinating our own people, the vaccines were sent abroad. Had we started the vaccination programme earlier, we could have saved many people from the second wave,” he said. Kejriwal claimed Centre asked states to procure the vaccines on their own. “Every CM has tried to procure vaccines but no state has been able to arrange them. Many states took out global tenders but failed,” he said. The chief minister said states are ready to support the Centre in the fight against coronavirus. “We cannot afford to lose this fight. If Centre will lose the fight, it won’t be BJP but India that will lose the fight,” he said, while urging the Centre to procure the vaccines and distribute them to states.

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