Due to hike in cases of black fungus in the country, demand for the anti fungal drug Amphotericin rises by 300%

A rapid increase in cases of mucormycosis, a rare infection seen in patients who are on medication for Covid-19 or recovered from it, resulted in a huge spike in demand for the anti-fungal drug ‘Amphotericin B’.
As per data, there was more than 300 per cent rise in demand for an injection of Amphotericin B in the last one month (April-May) as the country grappled with a devastating second wave of Covid-19.
Till April 2021, a total of 42,000 vials of Amphotericin B injections were produced and supplied across India each month. In the past one month, the projected demand for the production of the anti-fungal drug shot up to 1.36 lakh vials more than three times more than what had been produced a month ago. Sources in the government, however, added that amid a rise in demand for the anti-fungal drug, the supply of Amphotericin B is being ramped up to 2.55 lakh vials in June.
Bharat Serums and Vaccines and BDR Pharmaceuticals are predominant makers of Amphotericin B in India. Mylan Labs and Cipla, meanwhile, import the anti-fungal drug.
Following a spurt in cases of mucormycosis, however, domestic manufacturers increased production of Amphotericin-B to 1,63,752 vials in May and 2,55,114 vials in June.

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