The Economy

Today, we are least interested in the most important part of our country – the Economy. Where as what is inferred from the daily news reports of different country shows the blind interest of entire world in the GDP of our country? What could be the reason behind it? There has to be certain conditions and limitations which can be put on the damage Corona has done to our already bewildered economic rate!

After the British Government left India on its own, it has zero reliance on the people, we came upto this point, where all the world gets affected with the single change in our economy. As India has forever been a center of attraction for the global sales and Market, that’s exactly the reason behind all these inference and predictions comes out.

From where these news comes out –

Wall Street brokerage Goldman Sachs has lowered its estimate for India’s economic growth to 11.1 per cent in fiscal year to March 31, 2022, as a number of cities and states announced lockdowns of varying intensities to check spread of coronavirus infections.

“The intensity of the lockdown remains lower than last year,” Goldman Sachs said in a report. “Still, the impact of tighter containment policy is clearly visible in higher frequency mobility data across key India cities.”

“While activity is likely to rebound back quite sharply from Q3 (July-September) onwards – assuming restrictions can ease somewhat over that timeframe – the net result is to lower our FY22 real GDP growth forecast to 11.1 per cent (from 11.7 per cent previously), and our 2021 calendar year growth forecast to 9.7 per cent (from 10.5 per cent),” it said.

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